Monday, November 1, 2010


I couldn't wait for the game to end yesterday. As the minutes ticked down to seconds, I would get a rush of nervous butterflies each time the ball threatened our goal, but my girls dug in and clawed their way, tooth and nail, to their first victory of the season.

I knew they were capable of winning. I knew they had the talent, the skills, and the ability to come out on top, but to finally see it after losing so many games was like someone handing you a key to a brand new corvette and telling you to go for a spin. It was a great feeling.

My goalscorer was one of my best players, a bright, bubbly girl who has been a terror on defense from the very beginning. I should have put her up front sooner, but I needed her back there. I'm glad I took a chance to put her up top, and you can bet that's where she'll be at the beginning of our last game.

There's been a lot of losses, but there's been a lot of positives, too. These girls have come so, so far since the beginning of the season, and I really think that with the right training this winter, they'll take these teams by storm next spring.

It'll be nice to have an easier schedule this winter so I can work on me a bit. NaNoWriMo starts today and I'm bound and determined to get my second novel done. I'm not sure the first one even counts, though. It's pretty bad. It is 53,000+ words, though, so I guess it's a start. I already like this one better.

Busy work week again. Soccer almost every day this week, again. But I love it. Being on the field is keeping me sane, and in this world, that has to count for something.

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